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The new device for measuring glucose in the blood using infrared technology.


How does igluco work?

We don’t want to convince you, but our device is:


No acute or chronic pain.


You only need the device, your smartphone and connection to the cloud.


No calibration is required and it is technically tested with a 99.6% accuracy rate.


Reduces complications, process and costs.

All thanks to INNOVATION

From the beginning i·gluco has been committed to technology and innovation, knowing that we could improve people’s lives. Small details that improve day-to-day life.

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What is igluco and what is it for?

I-gluco is a non-invasive glucometer capable of measuring blood glucose levels without any pain or discomfort. It does not require the use of lancets or other consumables. This allows the user to take as many measurements as desired, thus enabling glucose levels to be monitored in a much more controlled manner.

I-gluco makes use of innovative infrared spectroscopy technology to estimate blood glucose levels. The signal collected by the device’s built-in sensors is sent, in encrypted form, to our cloud. In the cloud, an algorithm processes the signal and sends the blood glucose level to the i-gluco application.

Is there a need to use an invasive glucometer?

No. Only in cases where it is necessary to take insulin should an invasive glucometer be used in order to compare information and make a decision on medication.

The use of i-gluco is limited to the monitoring of glucose levels and medication decisions should NOT be made based on the values provided by i-gluco.

How accurate is the device?

After clinical trials conducted at the Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena belonging to the Health System of the Government of Andalusia in Spain, we have found an accuracy of our device of 99.26% in the Clarke plot.

To put it in context, the Clarke plot is the one established by the ISO 15197 standard to determine the accuracy required for glucometers to be marketed. There are different zones within the Clarke chart:

  • Zone A: clinically accurate values
  • Zone B: appropriate treatment
  • Zone C: inadequate treatment
  • Zone D: dangerous detection and treatment zone
  • Zone E: treatment errors

The percentage of measurements collected were:

  • Zone A and B: 99.26%.
  • Zone C: 0%.
  • Zone D: 0.74%.
  • Zone E: 0%.

The ISO 15197 standard requires that AT LEAST 99% of the measurements are within zone A and B, which the i-gluco device manages to meet without hindrance.

What is the purpose of using igluco?

The i-gluco non-invasive blood glucose meter is designed for the quantitative measurement of glucose (sugar) in capillary blood from the fingertip.

The i-glucose meter is designed for non-invasive self-testing by individuals at home, as well as by healthcare professionals in clinical settings, as an aid to monitor the effectiveness of blood glucose (sugar) control.

How many measurements per day can I take?

The i-gluco device is designed to take as many measurements as you wish. Therefore, we recommend taking measurements frequently throughout the day to better monitor your blood glucose levels.

Why should I use igluco instead of a traditional blood glucose monitor?

I-gluco allows you to monitor your glucose levels frequently, without any pain or stinging. More frequent monitoring is essential for diabetic patients in order to control their glucose levels at all times. This is difficult, if not impossible, with the infrequent measurements that are usually performed with traditional glucometers.

Frequent glucose monitoring helps to monitor glucose levels, reveal trends, improve treatment and reduce the risk of complications.

I-gluco allows you to monitor glucose levels as often as you wish without any pain, physical discomfort or additional costs.

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