The igluco team is growing all the time… and it’s probably out of date by the time you’re looking at this photo. But it is very difficult to make us all coincide, because although many are dedicated body and soul, many others have other professional dedications, and for them igluco is…

just a passion.

Pedro Luís Navarro

He is our CEO. He has a professional career that would make a fool of any business tycoon. His perseverance and integrity is what drives everything at i-gluco.


Laura M. Roa

She is the woman who created i-gluco. Professor of Systems Engineering and Automation at the University of Seville, and researcher in the field of Biomedical Engineering. Have you ever been in front of that person who, when she speaks, the world listens?


Carlos Lora

Entrepreneur and founder of Espacio RES. A non-profit place, created to help create entrepreneurship and great ideas. It can be said that he is a clear example of “doing things in different ways to achieve different results”.


Gerardo Barbarov

Engineer and in charge of product design, he is an R+D+I technician in the Biomedical Engineering group at the University of Seville. Born in Seville, with an inquiring mind, self-taught and a founding member of the Seville Maker Society… is that not enough? Well, we need to tell you about his commitment to society and his collaborations with NGOs in Argentina and Spain.


Alberto Navarro

Although he is just finishing his studies, he has already become our Quality Manager. Orderly, constant and tenacious, and with a great passion for his work, we can say that he does not miss a comma in any of i-gluco’s control processes. And yes… he is an avid fan of Sevilla F.C. What can we do about it!


José Manuel Fornes

A lecturer at the University of Seville, he teaches subjects such as “Mobile Application Design”, “Internet Fundamentals” and “Systems and Services Integration”. Experience, good sense and a passion for technology are the perfect ingredients to make a great Software Director. And speaking of cooking… 2nd prize for rice recipes in the province of Seville.


Andrés Jiménez

A graduate in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Seville, he has been the director of ARUS Andalucía Racing Team, a team of students who design, build and drive single-seater racing cars in competitions all over Europe. Despite his youth, he brings so much serenity and sanity to this team that he has become a cornerstone of i-gluco. All those who talk about the new generations being lost, should meet Andrés.


Arturo Moreno

He joined as a trainee and is already a big part of the team. Biomedical engineer, passionate, sporty and a constant smile. Personifying involvement seems an entelechy, but he manages it. And with a T-shirt shop designed by him… he doesn’t miss a parsley.


Nieves García

Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Seville and directly involved in i-gluco’s AI department. As they say, great essences come in small bottles and this one comes full of dedication, good humour and sympathy. By the way, one of his cousins travelled to space… how do you like it?


David Naranjo

PhD Researcher in the Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Research Group for the University of Seville, as well as a teacher. He teaches the subjects “Digital Communications” and “Telecommunication Infrastructure Systems”.
Few things can be described as well as the passion that David puts into his work in order to in his work to improve day by day the algorithm patented by i-gluco. And the day he compiles his articles, it will be enough for a second


Alejandro Talaminos

Telecommunications Engineer and one of the people responsible for the cloud and its algorithm providing the data you need to measure your glucose. Alejandro’s dedication and affection for the project shows that many jobs are developed thanks to the common good..

Javier Reina

He is a professor at the University of Seville in the area of “Signal Theory and Communications” and holds a PhD in Telecommunications Engineering. His interests lie in bioelectromagnetism and communication technology in biomedicine. Editor of several international publications, he resides somewhere between eminence and introspection..

Silvia Núñez

She is our Customer Service. Perhaps our most visible face. With a wealth of experience in making customers feel at home, she is all about empathetic sympathy, because she is not only the reflection of i-gluco’s soul, but the voice of all of you. If you’ve already spoken to her, you’ll know that we don’t exaggerate one bit..

Antonio Puppo

He is our Medical Advisor. He works in the Intensive Care Unit of the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital in Seville. His work is one of the most recognised both in the medical field and in Sevillian society. There is nothing better than her expert hands to advise us in the medical field..

Darío Postigo

Our Front-End developer is a Senior Technician in the development of computer applications. If you need to talk to him, he knows several languages: SASS language, AngularSj, Ract.js, VUE, PHP, MySQL, and written Spanish. His freshness and sense of humor turn zeros and ones into emojis.

Would you like to join us?

Send us your CV with the reasons why you think you should be part of the igluco team and we will call you in the following selection process.

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