On the holidays “Allow yourself to be…human”

Written by Víctor Rosa


I have had Christmas completely under control. I have planned my weeks, days, times, food and drinks, a little drink and the perfect gap for dessert. No unforeseen events, daily exercise and perfect measurements. I’ve done it. 

-Words from an alien

Don’t panic, did you really think you were the only one breaking the rules? In reality, we all try not to overdo it at Christmas: company meals, family, friends, drinks… And to manage this illness as well as possible, between the restrictions and the frivolity of the festivities. However, it would be obtuse to deny that we are human (with some exceptions) and that our life is not a continuous calendar with to-do lists and goals to be fulfilled every minute. Well, there are those who do, but Asimov has already dedicated a few books to them: robots.

Diabetes requires exhaustive care and precautions, because any slip-up can turn into a serious complication. You already know this fact, but what do I do if I haven’t lived up to expectations during the holidays? How do I deal with this situation? Do I whip myself? Do I walk the Camino de Santiago in a squatting position and two sizes down in my underwear?

We don’t think it’s necessary. I mean, walking the Camino de Santiago is a fantastic idea, but do it under normal conditions and enjoy it. Otherwise, going off plan and off purpose is completely natural. Making mistakes is necessary to learn and this factor should be included in your plans. Batman’s father in Nolan’s film said to him: “Why do we fall, Bruce? To learn how to get up”.

And as you are almost certainly not Batman, today we leave you some tips on how to deal with slips before, during and after the holidays (if you are Batman, and you are reading this, send us a positive comment, it gives us a lot of encouragement):

  • Allow yourself to FEEL: feelings need to be externalised. Continually acting tough and putting feelings aside is not the best way to let the world around you know that they need to support you. Besides, letting off steam lets you see things in a better perspective. 
  • Allow yourself to FAIL: be aware that an unforeseen event or a little craving will creep in. If you don’t allow yourself to fail, you don’t allow yourself to improve.
  • Allow yourself to ASK FOR SUPPORT: the warmth of your loved ones or talking to people who understand you helps you to manage. Also, you can be the one to support others who need it too.
  • Allow yourself to LEARN: if you feel that you could have done better because you have had too many wrong habits, don’t break your head any more, what is done, there is no turning back. Lift your head and try to learn from what happened.

Allow yourself to BE human: nobody is born knowing everything (except my brother-in-law). You reach your goals by overcoming obstacles. Everything that happens to you is just a sign that you are alive and kicking.

Of course… after the holidays, try to get back into your habits, do sport and set yourself new challenges. 

On the other hand, if your holiday habits have led you into dangerous situations, don’t hesitate to seek help. Talk to friends and family and get in touch with doctors and psychologists. Remember that all help is good for progress.

Our i-gluco system will allow you to have some control over these habits, and a correct monitoring of your glucose levels. A little help so that you can continue to be a human being as the laws of robotics dictate. And if you happen to be Batman, we’ll let you call it the bat glucometer.

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